Edgefest - Saskatoon, Canada

Set List:

Israel's Son
Emotion Sickness
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song
The Door
Abuse Me
Tomorrow/Satin Sheets
Anthem For The Year 2000


The July 10th show in Saskatoon was amazing. During the whole day the pit was small and somewhat mild (except for 5 odd drunk macho guys who want to kill people) I went in the pit for the Matt Good band just so I could get closer to the front for silverchair, (they were next). For the whole last part of the Matthew Good Band's set, we were all chanting "SIL - VER - CHAIR"

So finally they were done and Ben's drums were rolled out then then the technicians tested everything. Then the DJ came out and said, "Now the band you have been waiting for, Sony Music's silverchair." They entered the stage and without a word Chris went into the opening bass riff for "Israel's Son". The pit was going nuts (my friend was back on the hill and he said the pit was so huge, everyone was in it), I was right in front, it was so suffocating but we all screamed along with Daniel. They played that song perfectly.

Israel's Son was followed by a harder more beautiful rendition of "Emotion Sickness". That was immediately followed by "Slave"which was so wild, a crowd favorite. After that Daniel started talking about how he knows how we didn't come for him and that if we want to we can all leave 'cause they suck, but of course we didn't leave. After that they broke into "Pure Massacre" which was once again wild, It was a lot longer then the studio track, and much better.

The show was so wild, I will try to remember some things Daniel talked about: During "The Door" he kept on saying "Calgary you know how to fucking rock" and then he would look at Chris and laugh, and seeing how we were in Saskatoon people gave him the finger, and I was saying "hey Daniel knows what he is doing he is just fucking around." And at the end of the song he said "I know we are in Saskatoon, I was just fucking around" … During the sailor part in "Abuse Me", he just screamed as loud as he could "For this part fucking jump, up and fucking down, up and fucking down" and did we ever, It was so wild.

Daniel did his usual "Can I get a hallelujah". Before that he made us say that he told us how there is so many of us, and that we can start a rebellion, a rock and roll religion! After that they went into Freak, Daniel started it and then said "I forgot to change guitars, I got all flustered when you were all giving me the bird" so he got his black one. As usual, he had us sing "body and soul I'm a freak" while there is no music playing. It was so fun, he said we were the loudest so far on the whole tour. Then right after that they went into "Anthem" in which he made us scream "we are the youth" like he always does. Again he said we were louder then Toronto (Barrie). Then without a word they were gone.

They were by far the best live band there. They are an amazing band. During the whole set Daniel would always crack his jaw and go up to his amp for feedback. Oh yeah, Daniel finally changed his shirt! The whole day was great, I spent about 25 bucks on water. Hole was awesome too, I am the biggest Nirvana fan, Kurt is my absolute idol so being able to see Courtney from 5 feet away was amazing, especially when she was playing shirtless (braless) just in her panties. She gave away her guitar to some girl. The whole day was one not to forget! Thanks to silverchair!