TSI Net Raven Stadium (HFStival) - Baltimore, USA

Set list:

Ana's Song
Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000


I just got back from the 10th Annual HFStival, and it totally rocked! The day was quite long and extremely hot, and after passing out during Blink 182's set (who were on right before silverchair) I had little time to get some water, a medic, and get back into the front row. But amazingly, as they took the stage at about 2, I was right up in front of 75,000 people watching them! They only played about a 30-minute set, which was really disappointing, but they played really well. Since the stadium was brand-new, there were these huge new video screens, and the band looked so awesome blown up on screens all around the stadium.

They opened up with 'Freak' and then Daniel said something, but I could not understand him since I was being kicked in the head by some really large crowdsurfer. Then, they played 'Israel's Son', 'Ana's Song (Open Fire)', 'Tomorrow', 'Emotion Sickness', 'The door', and 'Anthem For The Year 2000' (they might have played 'No Association' too, I cant really remember).

The crowd really seemed to like them, and Daniel did his usual 'Can I get an hallelujah?' routine, and just about everyone answered. And for 'Tomorrow', the whole band played it which was great to hear, and the whole crowd seemed to be singing along. Daniel spit a couple times on stage, and I was thoroughly impressed with just how far he could spit!

They finished with Anthem, and Daniel did the 'We are the youth' thing with the crowd, and I was completely awe-struck to hear that many thousands of people chanting! Anthem was definitely the highlight of the show, and Daniel ended by saying someting like 'We're fucking done with this stuff' or something like that, and quickly walked off stage. And then Ben came out in front and took a picture of the crowd which everyone eagerly raised their middle fingers for. Overall, the show was really great, and I'm surprised how much the crowd liked them (seeing as the radio station who held the concert very rarely plays or promotes silverchair), but it was such a bummer to have them leave after a very short set. But it was a great show, definately the highlight of the whole festival!