The John Dee Rockerfeller - Oslo, Norway


(The set list was the same as the last shows...A somewhat incoherent and confused report from me, Irene, due to the very vital fact that its written at 2am, with a strange buzzing sound still ringing in my ears from dancing way too close to the amps!)

Finally, it was time for silverchair to play Norway's (today surprisingly warm!) capitol, and this I think for the very first time as headliners! The anticipation was intense. But, there had been next to no ads about the show, their videos are not played on national TV, and I don't have a clue as to how many copies their latest album have sold so far. So I was somewhat afraid that the turn up would be less than good...but there was no need to worry! Even though silverchair played a seriously small venue (John Dee) with a capacity of, let me guess 400, it still rocked. It was almost packed, and in front of the stage, it was positively overcrowded, to put it mildly.

The support band Fuel 238, was a new acquaintance for most of the audience, but they did put on a good show and even got better sound than silverchair (what happened?!). I mean, the singer's voice was really heard loud and clear all the way in the back, while Daniel's, at least in the beginning, was, well, not! Anyway, I kind of liked Fuel 238, especially their Pulp Fiction intro. They kept going for close to 30 minutes, and did a pretty good job.

After 20 minutres of just hanging around, the Taxi Driver intro started (do we sense a theme?). Let's just say that the crowd went...nuts! Opening with a slightly heavier version of Emotion Sickness is, I think-despite it being my favourite track, a risk. Especially since it's hard to pin...in the sense of, finding a key, and sticking to it for most of the time! But Daniel did well despite the bad sound. And after a few songs, the show got on its way and rocked...hard!

I think the crowds response, singing along with Daniel, made him more comfortable. After awhile he even started speaking! He informed us that this was the 33rd show of the tour, and that 3-3 probably had some deeper meaning, referring to the fact that Norway has become the uncrowned Black Metal capitol of the world. A lot more was said along the same path, to massive response from the fans!

During the show, with no teeny-boppers in sight (due to the fact that you needed to be 18 or older to get in), Chris really rocked. He had an incredible bass -sound, and kept headbanging perfectly in sync with the crowd. Unfortunately, Ben's drum sound was, at times, not doing him justice, but he sure hits those drums like there is no tomorrow! Daniel was Marc Bolan incarnated...well, maybe not, but he played his guitar and sang with incredible passion, proving to be a very fine performer indeed! All in all, silverchair did a great show, and I just hope that when they return (and please God let them!), they will be playing a bigger venue, which they undoubtedly could have done with some PR!