Babylon - Munich, Germany


Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Abuse Me
Pure Massacre
Ana's Song
Suicidal Dream
Point Of View
Paint Pastel Princess
Miss You Love
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
Dearest Helpless
No Association


The day I've been waiting for had finally arrived, I was going to see silverchair for the first time and I was totally psyched. It was a very cold and rainy day so I froze my ass off in front of the venue waiting one hour to be let in. After the doors opened I managed to get in the third row, so I had a perfect view of the whole stage.

The show opened with Fuel 238, a four man aggressive rock band. Their show was pretty good, even if I thought that their lead singer was screaming more than he was singing. And as my friend later told me, Ben and John Watson (silverchair's manager) were watching their 45 minute-long show from an upper balcony.

A half hour later all the lights went off, the neon lights wrapped around the boxes and the microphone stand went on and the "Are you talking to me" bit from the "Taxi Driver" started playing. Before silverchair came on stage they had to walk along a balcony and down some stairs and as they did the whole place was going mad.

silverchair were wearing their usual stage outfits: Ben was just wearing some shorts, Chris a black T-shirt and his orange trousers and Daniel some black trousers, a black shirt with a silver tie and some weird orange trainers. I couldn't actually see what Sam was wearing but I've noticed he cut his hair and died some strands blond and I think it suited him very well.

Without saying a word they started off with "Emotion Sickness." This song got right through me, it was just beautiful and to my surprise it sounded just like listening to the CD.

After that the 'chair played "Israel's Son" and "Slave" which got the mosh pit going. There was some moshing going on during Fuel 238, but this was so extreme that at a point I lost one of my shoes! But I happily found it later.

"Ana's Song" was one of the best songs of the night and a crowd's favourite as everyone was screaming when 'chair started playing the first tunes. I really think that song is going to be a hit.

"Suicidal Dream," "Point Of View," and "Paint Pastel Princess" were next and they were all played wonderfully. During "Madman" Daniel went over to Chris and they both totally freaked out together. It was cool.

At this point the venue was as hot as a sauna and some guys decided to take they're T-shirts off and I think I saw someone waving an Australian flag at the front. I went over to the bar to get myself a drink because the whole thing was making me kind of sick and when I got back I heard Daniel saying that he loves Germany and that he loves the German accents. He also said that every time they come to Germany the weather is depressing but the people are very positive.

Then after a good solo version of "Tomorrow," Daniel started shouting: "How funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose." He was trying to get the confused crowd to join in. After five unsuccessful tries he apologized, saying that he knows that what he had just done was very unprofessional, but we have to understand that they're all under touring stress.

One of the best song of the night was "Freak." The whole club was singing along and Daniel stepped away from the mic, letting the crowd finish the song. A good song was also "Anthem For The Year 2000," as Daniel made the crowd shout "WE ARE THE YOUTH!" before starting the song. The whole atmosphere during that song was kind of like "Us against the world." It was awesome!

As "Anthem" finished the lights went off and silverchair left the stage. Everybody started shouting: "ZU-GAB-E! ZU-GAB-E! (The German word for "encore") and soon 'chair returned. Next was a good version of "Dearest Helpless" and they finished with the always excellent "No Association."

Without saying a word silverchair left the stage and everybody shouted and clapped while they walked up the stairs and down the balcony but none of them looked back.

I thought silverchair put on an excellent show; I really liked it a lot. Ben hit the drums the hardest I've ever seen, Chris was pretty wild during the whole show, Daniel kept his eyes closed during the slow songs and he always did weird hand movements.

I hope they will be back very soon because I think they are one of the few good rock bands out there and because I enjoyed the show very much.