La Pavilion - Bourges, France


It was the second time I've seen silverchair in concert. This group is all my teenage's age, although I'm 19. And this evening, it was wonderful and magic.

The first part, Fuel 238, was a nice band and their music was a very good aggressive rock (I could speak with them and I had an autograph despite of not having one of silverchair!!). They played one hour and after, it was time for silverchair to come. Before coming, the scene was dark with just some long piece of plastique shining. And when they came it was incredible!

Daniel was wearing black trousers and shirt with a Silver tie and some originals shoes. Chris: black T-shirt and large orange trousers. And Ben was just wearing black trousers!

All songs were perfect and their show was extraordinary. They began with the magic Emotion Sickness to stop with the pure No Association.

They played all songs more aggressively than on the albums and Daniel often said "Jump Jump!" The way they played "Anthem" was funny. Daniel was singing "we are the youth" and all the public was repeating it few times. It was really nice!

At a moment, Daniel sang "ho ho ho ho ho" in a french football way he discovered the day before in Paris. He repeated it about 30 times, alone at first and then with drums and bass. It made Ben and Chris laugh. It was funny and I think it was improvised.

For "Tomorrow," Daniel played alone and he sang drums' rhythm! It was...Emotional. For few songs, there was a keyboarder and Daniel changed his guitar all the time! (He had 3 guitars)

I repeat it, but all songs were perfect and silverchair had a lot of energy! Chris was always jumping, Ben was strong and beautiful in his effort, and Daniel always moved his arms with a funny way. He communicated a lot with the public.

Daniel spoke between songs: "fuck hallelujah" - "Thank you very much" and he tried to speak French: Un, deux, trois, ... dix" - "Bonjours" - "Je m'appelle Daniel", "J'aime la France" and "France is the best"! And they stopped with "Anthem" but everyone sang "ho ho ho ho ho" in the french football way and they came back to sing no association.

So, silverchair, my idols, did not disappoint me. This evening was a dream, a wonderful dream with all its magic. I hope they will be back soon!