Phillipsalle - Dusseldorf, Germany

Set list:

Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Abuse Me
Pure Massacre
Ana's song (Open Fire)
Suicidal Dream
Paint Pastel Princess
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
No Association
Spawn Again


It was the 4th time that I saw silverchair live - and in my opinion it was the worst one. I was very disappointed of the weak appearance of the band: they seemed to me very tired, exhausted...I had heard before that they just arrived from the U.S. and I believe that they had problems with the jetlag. But at the same time they all seemed to me unhappy and aggressive. There was almost no contact between the three band members. They've really changed!

I remember the first 'chair show I saw in the beginning of '96: they were three funny young guys who just had fun playing music. It was like a party! But today the show was very dark and serious... In my opinion their new songs are much better than the old ones but the atmosphere of their show today was just kind of frosty.

The only contact that Daniel made to the crowd were some absolutely cynical words which he said with a voice that sounded very cool and arrogant: "Thank you, thank you, yeah, yeah, yeah! We love Germany; it's very German! We love your accent, we love the way you talk, we love your food! Beautiful, you`re all beautiful, we love you!" - "You're very sexy and you're very smart, especially the people with glasses, glasses are a sign of intelligence - in some countries... I don't know if it is here, it is where we come from...back in Ethiopia!" - "This is a new song. You probably can't understand what I'm saying, so let's just listen to music!" Not very charming...

Anyway, some people may have liked the show and I hope that they'll recharge their batteries until I'm going to see them again. I definitely won't stop listening to their great music!!!