Watson to Manage Silverchair

By Stuart Coupe (Music Industry News & Gossip)

The Managing Director and CEO of Sony Music Australia, Denis Handlin, announced late last week that the company's Director of International Marketing/A&R, John Watson, will leave the company later this month to become the full time manager of silverchair.

"This is really a logical progression for John, given the many months of work which he has put into helping develop the international career of this amazingly talented band," said Handlin. "John's decision to accept this new challenge has my unconditional support and I sincerely wish him every success in his endeavours." Handlin said Watson will no longer be an employee of Sony Music Australia effective August 15, but the company will, of course, still be working closely with him in helping to build silverchair's career.

"After more than four years at Sony Music this has been a very difficult decision to make," said Watson. "However, things have finally reached the point where silverchair really do need full-time management rather than part-time career guidance which John O'Donnell and I have been trying to provide since the band signed to Murmur last year. The support I had from the band, their parents and everyone at the record company has been tremendous and I am excited at now being able to focus 100 percent on helping silverchair achieve the international success they deserve."

Watson's new contract details and his replacement at Sony Music will be announced shortly.

There was a rather amusing line in the Sony announcement about Watson and silverchair: "Handlin and Watson also pointed out that silverchair and their parents (who had previously overseen the group's affairs) will continue to be closely involved in the group's development." This column is pleased that silverchair will continue to be closely involved with their career. We think this is a good thing.