The State Theatre - Detroit, USA

Review by Jenny (Chairhead1@aol.com)

WOW! the show was GREAT! i got there around 5:15, 5:30 ish...and i have a good spot in line surprisingly around maybe 6:00 my mom says "hey jen is that pete"...so i just turned around and yelled "pete!" and sure enough it was him..he came over by us and some dude liek all of a sudden starts going on about the bush concert and i was about to puke when finally he shut up....then i chatted with pete and asked him about dan't b-day bash...and he had to go cause the doors were gonna open soon... i said good bye and the door opened about 15 minutes later....i got all my stuff...a shirt (the one with the hammer dude that resembles henry rollins), a poster, and a beanie...a total cost of 48 dollars anyways....i went in and stood near the one level type think by the pit...it was great until the middle of the show when a very tall guy decided to stand in the pit..but now back to the stuff...handsome was awesome (as usual) and just plain out ROCKED! Local H was great...it is so hard to believe that they are a 2 piece band!!!!! It was cool cause they played "eddie vedder" and that is my favorite local h song....during the break between local h and silverchair meredith and i found pete and chatted with him...it was prettty cool..he tooks some pics...it was awesome...we both went back to our spots and then silverchair came on...i believe this is the setlist:

abuse me
faultline ???(my mind is blank)
suicidal dream
pure massacre
don't remember
don't remember
------- encore ------
the closing
israel's son

It was a great set..i KNOW that...after freak all the internet people were supposed to yell "mad cow disese" but it seemed like me and meredith were they only ones that yelled it....dan added a few new lyrics to tomorrow like "the water from detroit is very hard to drink" and "you think you can keep on going living like a schlong" it was quite funny...now to the end of the show....hehehe i went to my mum's car and we moved out of the parking deck and got the camera and stuff....then there was like this huge lineup thing it was wacko and dan came out and then ben and chris i got pictures of that/...but i was holding the camera in the air so i hope that turned out...i got a few of benny boy on the bus..i only got to take six pictures though cause my brother wasted a bunch at home...now to the excitment...my friend brad had a piece of paper and i had a marker...you might guess what i would write on it and you might even guess right...well i wrote "WANKER" hehehhe and ben saw it and made hand motions and the whole bus was laughing....heheh it was so HILARIOUS..then when the bus was leavng i was sort of chasing it and ben put his bald head out and was shouting stuf...i don't know what he was saying but i made out one sentance... "i'm gonna kill you!" hehehe i was LAUGHING!! heheh it was so cool! well i forgot to tell you...ben had written on a piece of paper "SEX" so i guess i got him back in a way...heheheh a mean way...oh well! :-)