The Rave - Milwaukee, USA

By PETE WALTON (pwalton@monmouth.com)

silverchair's first visit to Milwaukee took place at the Eagles Ballroom -- a huge, oval-shaped hall with the stage at the short end. The crowd approved of the opening sets by Handsome and Local H, and when silverchair took the stage to the sounds of "Slave," the place rocked.

The new stage set features the "heating coils" which were used in the "Freak" video. The coils were not lit until the band played "Freak."

Crowdsurfing took place throughout the show, including during "Cemetery." The set list was basically the same as previous shows on the current tour. "The Closing" was played just before "Israel's Son."

Some highlights:

During "Tomorrow," at the part of the song where Daniel is supposed to sing "You think you can go on living like a king," instead he said, "I don't feel like singing this bit."

The reason Daniel does not sing "Me and shame..." during "The Closing" is because he wants to go off on the guitar part without distraction.

At the end of "Israel's Son" Daniel repeated "Put your hands in the air" many times, and at one point said "Put your fucking hands in the fucking air."

The expanded production crew (two buses and a semi are making the trip) and the enhanced stage set make for a bigger and better show than on the February promo tour. Musically, the band is tight and playing better than ever.



We were waiting for about an hour when finally they were letting people inside the Eagles Ballroom. As soon as we were all in, the security dudes said, "Alright! Sit Down and SHUT UP!". It sucked so bad, we were all crunched together, I think someone was sitting on my shoe the whole time but I couldn't do a thing about it!! All of a sudden I hear a bunch of girls scream. There was a bat flying around the Ballroom!!! Everyones attention went to the bat!!! Then the Security guy said, "Alright, no moshing or crowd surfing". And so the show began.

Handsome strolled out and I was suprised at the least! The lead vocalist had an IN-YOUR-FACE style of singing. As they played on I just got sick of the crowd pushing me around. Finally they were done and I took a break. Local H had started and I still was on break. I didnt get in the crowd to see them but what I heard was EXCELLENT. I quickly bought their CDs afterward. Then they were done....

Circus music began and everyone knew silverchair was coming. I really didnt know what to expect from these guys. The lights went out when they played the first Baam, Baam-Baam-Baam from "Slave", and paused for an extra long time. Baam, Baam-Baam-Baam. Yet, another long pause.... Baam, Baam-Baam-Baam ba ba da!!!! The song took off and the crowd went NUTS!!! The whole show ROCKED!!! Someone threw a shoe at Daniel during "Cemetery" and hit his right shin. He just shook his head and continued on. If I had seen the guy who threw it, I would have kicked his ass! The other awesome highlight is when Daniel started playing the first rolling chord of "Madman". I heard a few thousand girls scream in horror!!! The moshing was MAD!!! They finished it all with Israel's Son. Somebody gave me a cigar and I went home happy!