The Forum - London, UK

Tower Records UK

Conveniently enough, the band are on their half-term holidays. It's not a bad little vacation either, touring Europe promoting their second album, Freak Show, to packed venues of adoring fans. School is out and silverchair are at the forum to rock the umpteen teens who scrape by the age restrictions to drink the bar dry.

silverchair's rise to fame has been fairly awe-inspiring -- enough to make any teenage bedroom band salivate with envy. With two albums under their belts at the age of seventeen, not to mention a tour last year supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Australian threesome are vying for still more success.

Tonight's enthusiastic turnout seems to include a fair number of London's Aussie community, and most of them are getting on in years compared to the fresh-faced moshers downstairs. Whether or not silverchair manage to woo those of all ages (as they seem to have done back home) those who have tickets for this gig offer unconditional love. Tonight silverchair play accomplished formula-grunge for those needing a good dose of angst-ridden lyrics to keep their hair-tossing up to pace.

As the set rolls, crashing from Slave through Roses and the incredibly suicidal Abuse Me, their influences are comprehensively showcased.

Daniel takes the stage alone for Cemetery and the now steaming crowd are appreciatively hushed as their hauntingly attractive hero affirms his vocal ability.

As the band leave the stage and the end of the show, Daniel jumps spider-like onto the speakers, bringing them crashing down to a roar of approval.

silverchair haven't started yet, and they certainly haven't finished.

[Transcribed by Daniel Young]