Rock Im Park - Germany


YYYEEEAAAHH! Silverchair ROCKED the Park!!!!

I just came home from "Rock im Park": I'm dirty, I'm tired, I'm hungry and I'm very very happy because Silverchair did a great job once again!!!!

I'm still a little out of my mind, but I try to give you some impressions:

The guys entered the stage about 10 p.m. and started with "Israel's Son". I think that was the perfect opener for the show as it is a real heavy song; just to get in the right mood for more jumping and dancing and cheering!

The next songs were "Emotion Sickness" and "Without you". After that I cannot remember the exact order of the songs (must have been one beer to much during the afternoon... *fg*), but as far as I know they played "Luv your life", "Across the night", "Greatest view", "Ana's song", "Tuna in the brine", "Anthem for...", "The lever" and another funky version of "The door".

But my favourite song of the evening was the National Anthem of Australia :-D During a short break between two songs, Daniel spotted an Australian flag in the crowd, started smiling and told us that Silverchair are from Australia - what a suprise!!!! Then he suddenly started singing an strange song with a very pathetic voice. First the crowd was a little confused but when we realized that it was the National Anthem of Australia everyone started clapping and cheering in the same rythm as Ben's drums. It was sooo much fun!!!! (Sorry for describing the Australian Anthem as "strange", but it isn't really known in Germany. Could the Australians sing Germany's Anthem?? ;-) )

All in all I have to say that this was one of the best concerts I've ever seen! On the one had it was such a relaxed atmosphere; nobody was pushing or pressing (as for example last week in Hamburg - thanks for almost braking my left arm...!); everyone had enough room for breathing and clapping and you had a great view on the stage. That was sooo cool because so you can concentrate on the show and are not busy with trying not getting squashed.

But on the other hand it was also such a good rocking mood in the audience. Everyone around was singing and dancing and just having fun.

I hope the Silverchair-guys enjoyed themselves as well; but as far as I can judge they really did!!!

So thanks to everyone who made this evening so special! C U @ RiP 2004!!!



do you know what it feels like if you´ve got to listen to the asshole hives for an hour in order to get as close to the stage as possible for silverchair?!? it sucks!! because the hives are so empty and monotonous and....well...but it was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silverchair was the reason my friend and myself went to that amazing festival; and again-it was worth the dirt, the heat, the sun, the rain,...and that´s the way i saw it.

metallica´s (e.g.) sound was not that good (too much lars ulrich shit bass drum!), danco jones (do you know him? cause he´s really great) sounded perfect, etc. - and silverchair´s sound was not from this world - who´s the guy responsible for the sound???!!! he´s a genious!!!!!!!! what a live sound!!!!!!! not too much drums but still grooving; a fucking shit holy great guitar - also the "accoustic" one (and..yess.. daniel - don´t ever smash that instrument again cause it hurts ;-)!!! i also would have loved to see the cabinets, well ...details i guess...) and a very straight bass sound by a great bass player (is he a bodybuilder or what??!!) keys, piano - nice! well, as i said, alien good sound!!!!!

some song impressions:
isreal - ohhh yessss!!!!!!!
emotion - i´ve never cried my hole life during a concert - i did cry. (besides, very nice vocals at the end of the song)
tuna - bono from u2 once said that one should swim over to australia to hear those silverchair-songs - i would have walked to germany (cause i´m from austria) just to hear that very song. mr. "the light in my darkest hour is fear" johns - congratulations - if ever something touched me - that was it!
without you - very heavy!!!!!!! quite slowly as regards the tempo - and the tempo was right!!!!
luv - the perfect live-song, if you ask me! luved it. (keep doing the diorama stuff live - and, hm, good luck to your voice for the rest of the tour daniel! :-))
greatest view - dediacted to the real fans - thanx.
door - cool as hell.
lever - when we came here i had already listened to that song for at least a hundred times on my cd player - back home another thousand times again and again and again...

but: why didn´t you play world upon your shoulders???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, i guess, you can´t have everything that you want, can you?

there´d be more things to write down but i better stop now.

p.s. daniel - you are fucking cool. if you don´t believe in yourself - i believe in you!
silverchair - you play music that means very much to many people around the world. don´t ever forget that, stay healthy and come back to germany or austria as soon as possible for more concerts! the real listeners are awaiting you!!!