Rock Am Ring - Germany


Silverchair rocked the Ring

what a great show!!!

Silverchair was the only Band on this Festival that was jamming... cool... it was my second Silverchair concert and it was really great. I really like diorama and the new tour outfit.

i just got home from the ring after 5 Days camping so i won t talk to much, cause i m tired

I was standing in the second line in front of the stage. ca. 5 Meters from the band away. it was about 11.15 pm when the lights turned out and the crowd began to scream and really went mad.

then Ben and Chris entered the stage... a few seconds later Daniel came out with his black gibson les paul and i knew they would play emotion sickness... and they did! the song started and the massive sound rolled over the crowd (i guess 40 000 people)that was so... i cannot discribe it... cool!!!

after the song the band continued with Without you. than they played i guess Israel s son... and everybody jumed up as far as possible. you could really feel the energy.

After the song daniel said that he won´t game on if the people won t get tha fuck up... and we did... by the way he was dressed like a preacher and preached about the whole concert while the songs... something like: don´t treat your wife, and about cars or anything else... confusing stuff. but it was cool... i have never seen a guy talking so much while playing songs... freaks lol

i can´t really remember the playlist but i m sure they played:

Emotion Sickness
Without You
Israel's Son
Tuna In The Brine
Luv Your Life
Across The Night
The Greatest View
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
The Lever/Encore

some of these song s are played over 10 minutes because the preaching and jamming sessions!

Many people said that they missed Freak and Miss you love...but to me it was just cool...

while the concert Daniel said that he s happy that we re here to see Silverchair and not Iron Maiden... and i m happy too lol Silverchair was playing at the Alternastage not at the Center (Main) Stage but this fucking stage was to small there were to much silverchair fans. and that was cool... Silverchair - Iron Maiden 1:0

I hope everyone enjoyed the show as much as i did

Rock on!!!



After having seen the concert in Berlin I was really astonished about the intensity of the show. In an interview for the "Visions" magazine I had read that Daniel didn't feel as vigorous as before - quite normal when you suffered from such a serious illness, of course- but I was a little afraid that the gig might be lame somehow. And then it turned out to be anything but lame. Shame over me!

With the impressions of the show in Berlin( 738, 1 km from my hometown) I went to the Rock am Ring-festival( 414, 3 km), quite exited about what would happen there. My expectations that Silverchair would start their show with "after all these years" again were not met. They played "emotion sickness" followed by "without you". You could read in the faces of the people that stood next to me that they wondered if the band was only going to play "ballads". Poor boys, since they didn't know what was going to come next. Daniel, Ben and Chris gave us an idea of how Australian's interpret the word ROCK. Neither were the most popular songs missing nor did Daniel fail to play the guitar with his teeth and a bottle ( I guess it was wodka or any other alcoholic drink. Or were they just playing a trick on us with a bottle full of water?). As appropriate for a rockstar the singer took some gulps of the clear liquid right in front of the eyes of his fans. To all appearances he had had a few more before the show ;-)

Unfortunately the sound system didn't seem to work properly but nevertheless the audience was trapped in the energy that came from the band like under hypnosis. A friend of mine, who usually listens to Metallica, ACDC, harder stuff in general, was really impressed by the 3 boys. He even said that it had been worth to miss the Iron Maiden show for what he had seen at the Alternastage. I hope you'll take that as a compliment, guys!

By the way, Daniel seemed to be pissed off because the fans didn't get his words about the national anthem right away. He had offered to sing the German national anthem for us but nobody answered. Actually the fans didn't reject his offer to sing it on purpose, more probable is that his slang was a challenge for them.

To cut a long story short: the show was gorgeous again, Daniel's clothes, his behaviour and last but not least the music.

I can't understand why they didn't make it big in Germany and I wish that the enormous support they got from their local fans will be enough to go on tour for more than 4 concerts in Germany for the next time!!!



What an AMAZING show!!!

They played about an hour later than Iron Maiden(on the other stage) so that we and probably the guys could listen to a few songs of them. But although Iron Maiden played on the other stage there were soooooo many people waiting for Silverchair to play! I think no other band had that much fans on this Alternastage. So it was kinda hard to get in the first row and to stay there but I was lucky.

It was a few minutes after 11 p.m. when the came on stage and started with an amazing extended version of Emotion Sickness. Although Daniel’s guitar seemed to be not right, he played it really good! And after the next song he finally welcomed the crowd with a “What’s up you little motherfuckers?” And after that Daniel started a really great show! I don’t know what it was but to me and the people I talked to it looked like he was drinking some Vodka during his show! All the songs they played were great! But I missed “Freak” and “After all these years”! I would have liked to see Daniel playing the piano to make the evening complete. But the best thing about the show was the way Daniel played his guitar(s)! I think at first he did it in “One Way Mule”: after he had finished with his singing part, he grabbed his bottle and played along with it! The best thing about it was that HE PLAYED IT RIGHT!!! That was really amazing! The next time he played it with his teeth and then again with his bottle…..

He also told Iron Maiden to “shut the fuck up” because I think even the guys on stage heard them between the songs!!! And when they played Anthem for the year 2k he wanted the whole crowd to say “we are the youth”. And of course ten thousands of people replied “WE ARE THE YOUTH”! That was really great also because it was the very truth in this moment! On the one side there were those old-fashioned Iron Maiden Heavy Metal fans and on the other side there was us, the Chairfans! On that night WE were the youth and it felt great to be part of it!

I think that this show changed a lot in the people’s minds! During the show I was surrounded by a lot of younger female “fans”(actually I called them groupies) and they were kinda shocked! They expected to see a much quieter show than this! The never expected to see Daniel drinking Vodka(or whatever) and calling them “little motherfuckers”! I looked into their faces and one of them said something like “oh my god, what is he doing there?!”

On the other hand there were those people (like one of my friends) who didn’t know much of Sliverchair but were very impressed of the show and the music. After the show he told that Daniel is the new Kurt Cobain and now he likes Silverchair very much! So all I have left to say is that I loved the time down there in front of the stage, because the guys did an amazing show and I can’t wait to see them again.

And if anyone of you has got some cool photos of that show please send it to chairfreakdmnc@freenet.de !I would like to get some good ones because the ones I took are not as good as I want them to be!