Henry Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, USA


All photos by JONATHAN

After waiting a for so long, me and my brother were finally able to see our favorite band of all time, Silverchair! And it was amazing! I have never heard a show concert like that one.

Everything was perfect, the front of house mix was perfect and I could hear all the instruments perfectly, vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, everthing PERFECT, I didn't even need my earplugs! The opening band was okay but some assholes had to bring them down by saying "you suck" right in their face. But overall I believe everything thought they were at least okay.

Daniel came out in a white shirt and black pants, Chris a brown shirt and jeans, Ben...I couldn't see with his drum set in the way, but I saw a interesting hat on his head that looked cool. The music was awesome! Anyone that tried to follow along with Daniel eventually stopped because he thinks of new ways to sing his songs practically everytime he comes on stage, which is awesome! He is without a doubt the best songwriter of this generation, bar non ! For someone to have that much musical skill, should be illegal. Chris was pretty interjectic moving around like he usually does and Ben doing his thing keeping the beat flowing. Sam and the other keyboardist were being cool cats in the back playing and backing up Daniel on vox's.

The setlist was interesting in that they played quite a bit of new stuff but they also did some old school Silverchair too. Daniel said "this one is for all of our people back down in Australia" then they started to play the all to familiar bass riff of Israel's Song, by the end of that, it was insane in the room, everyone going absolutly crazy. I believe everyone knew just about every song except the b-side called Asylum that only a select few had heard before. Dan also did this crazy thing near the end where he did like a rap/funk voice type thing taking about how he didn't recognize L.A. because it was so "clean and I couldn't see the smog", that is hilarious to anyone who has lived here because it's so true. Dan also played with his effects and threw his guitar into one of Ben's cymbals, I didn't think he was going to do any of that cause I had heard he was actually gracefully walking off stage lately, guess he didn't want to that night. It was just an AMAZING night that I will never forget. Seeing my all time favorite band. If you have not seen the Chair GO SEE THEM. The best band in the world right now! You will not regret it!

The set list went something like this, in no ascending order:

1: After All These Years
2.. World Upon Your Shoulders
3.. Emotion Sickness
4.. Without You
5.. Luv Your Life
6.. Tuna in the Brine
7.. Across the Night
8.. The Greatest View
9.. Ana's Song
11.. The Door
12.. Anthem for the Year 2000
13.. Israel's Son
14.. Asylum
15.. The Lever & Daniel's rap/funk thing near the end



Last night's show at the Henry Fonda Theater was awesome. It was full of emotion, and although Silverchair didn't come on 'til 10, they made it worth every second waiting. If you're going to a show soon, make sure to bring water and comfy shoes. I was inhaling so much sweat, no room to even put down your arm. I kinda fainted but refused to leave the pit. Then some fatass girl kept trying to hit me and telling me I would not get any closer. Oh well, I got closer than her! But seriously, keep pits about love not freaking going insane and fighting for no reason. Here was the set, in the wrong order, of what i can remember.

Steam Will Rise
World Upon Your Shoulders
Emotion Sickness
Without You
Across the Night
Luv Your Life
Tuna in the Brine
The Greatest View
Ana Song
Anthem for the year 2000
The door
The Lever
After all these years

No One Way Mule. :(. But Daniel did dance. VERY GREAT show. worth being a
zombie for the next couple of days.



Set List (no order)

After All These Years
World Upon Your Shoulders
Emotion Sickness
Paint Pastel Princess
Without You
Luv Your Life
Steam Will Rise
Tuna In the Brine
Across The Night
The Greatest View
Ana’s Song
The Door
Anthem for the Year 2000
Israel’s Son
The Lever

First of all I’m going to be like pretty much every other fan and say this: That was the best night of my life. I saw silverchair in Vegas in ’99, but that show was nothing compared to this. Well first of I’ll tell you that I’m from Vegas and I drove 5 hours to Hollywood for this show. I’m telling you it was well worth it.

I got to the venue at 5:30 or so. The doors weren’t going to be opening until 7:30 so I figured I’d get a good spot in line. When I got there, there were at least 100 people already in line. I was a little bummed. I waited in line for 2 hours and we (finally) got to go in. I had no idea what the Henry Fonda Theatre was like at all. When I got in I was pleasantly surprised. It was a small venue with an intimate setting.

The second I got in, I went straight to the floor, and I was about 3 people back. I was on the right side, and because I’m taller than everyone else I had an awesome view. So I stood there in my “perfect” spot, listening to the Clash, for and hour until the opening band The Red West came on.

I really wanted to hate The Red West. This guy near me put it perfectly when he said, “It must suck to be the band that opens for silverchair.” I know for a fact that everyone there just wanted to see silverchair, and they didn’t want to wait through some band they had never heard of to see one of their favorite bands. So I was trying to hate them and think “these guys are just wasting time, bring on the chair,” but well...I couldn’t hate them. They were really good. It was surprising. I liked their music and their singer was very good. So I was happy.

They played for about 30min, and then the curtain closed. It was back to waiting again. I could tell everyone was getting a bit antsy. I was even getting tired of waiting. So after standing for 40min, listening to James Brown, and being pushed around, the curtain opened back up. The stage was beautiful. It was like the most magical experience I’ve ever had. Daniel walked on stage and the place erupted. He walked over to the piano and played “After All These Years” It was so beautiful, I just was in awe as to how beautiful that song could be live. Most of the crowd knew the song too, and were singing along (which I was surprised at). The next song was “World Upon Your Shoulders,” it was a good transition from such a beautiful melodic song like “After All These Years” to “Emotion Sickness.” I was blown away the entire time. “Emotion Sickness” was longer than normal (probably at least 10min.) and Daniel’s voice just totally moved me. It seemed that was the main theme the entire night: Daniel totally blowing everyone away.




I still cant get over the fact that i went to see my favorite band. I've been counting down the days since it was 57 days left, and i remember the feeling i had when the show was only a matter of hours away. It was all just so surreal. im still in awe.

i got to Hollywood, it still hadn't hit me, that i was actually going to see 'chair till i saw the people in the line and the theatre, the 5 hour wait outside in the heat was worth it. Everyone coming, the line slowly growing bigger and bigger made it more exciting as it grew. once in i couldn't wait, i ran onto the floor, noticing that there weren't many people in yet, i couldn't believe how close i was to the stage, i didn't think id ever be that close.

i grew impatient waiting for the opening band to at least come on. the red west, weren't disappointment, i usually don't enjoy opening bands, but i enjoyed their show, and are pretty good. they got off stage, the crowd erupted with excitement and anxiousness (if there's such a word) to see the band we al came to see, trying to get as close to the stage as the could smashing everyone in the front including me.

Ben, Daniel and Chris played bits of their instruments while the curtain was still down making the crowd more crazy as we waited.

The curtain finally went up, and Daniel, everyone was overjoyed at the site of him walking to the piano, opening with "after all these years", his voice was, as always, amazing, i was in shock that his voice sounds just as amazing on their albums, if not, BETTER. Then Ben and Chris joined him onstage, they started out, and the crowd was amazing. Full of energy and enthusiasm, which made it great.

i was feeling every song, with the instruments and Daniels voice. It was like i was in a great high. during every song i felt at place and complete.it was like i was in dream land

Daniel seemed to be very into it as well and Ben and Chris which made me happy. Daniel licked his guitar while playing which the crowd seemed to love. they played like there was no tomorrow, there's no word to describe how great they were. Ben on the drums, was wonderful, he played with pride and greatness. Chris, i loved how he played on "the lever", very into every song. Each performance of songs as well as performing as individuals was no disappointment.

I was psyched when they played "paint pastel princess" having being my favorite song, and "without you" was great as well. the crowds response to every song was of course awesome, there couldn't have been a greater audience.

Id go into detail about every song but id have the same thing to say about them, every song was beautifully given, I've always loved silverchair for their amazing ability and gift of music. i was surprised at the songs that were performed i didn't expect to hear most of them, but silverchair being the greatest band they are, never disappoints.

As the encore came, Daniel came out, playing Asylum, on of their best, i was more than happy to hear that song. watching Daniel play and sing that song gave me chills. i stood there singing along, enjoying the moment, then i realized i only heard myself singing along, i looked around me and noticed that the people who surrounded me hardly knew the song, as if it was their first time hearing it.

then the lever came on, along with a long instrumental peace. me loving it along with the crowd, it was but GREAT. i found my brother (or he found me), laughing at the smile on my face, he, not being such a silverchair fan, said he enjoyed the show very much, which made me happy.

The curtain came down, i stood there in amazement, chills and happiness throughout my body. it was the best show, im still in awe. i cant believe i experienced such a great show by the best band, and im glade i did

For my first 'chair show i hope its not my last.

Thank you Silverchair for your music, your amazing.
Here's the set list. from what i remember them playing, so its not in order, so don't hurt me.

After all these years
emotion sickness
Without you
Pain pastel princess
luv your life
anas song
the door
steam will rise
Anthem for y2k
Isreals son
Across the night
Greatrst View
Tuna in the brine
world upon your shoulders

The lever



If I were only to describe this show in one word, it would have to be orgasmic (yes, it really was THAT good). This was my second time seeing Silverchair, as I also went on the 26th. Silverchair totally surpassed my expectations! I had watched the 'Making of Diorama' and 'Emotion Pictures' DVDs, and they didn't even compare. The entire crowd was energetic and sang along with Daniel during Anthem for the Year 2000 and Israel's Son. People were dancing to The Door, and lit their lighters for After All These Years.

After waiting in line for two hours in a not-so-good LA neighborhood, we finally entered the Henry Fonda Theater around 7:45. At about 8:30, The Red West came on. They were alright (they played almost exactly the same set as the night before though). Ok...so they were over around 9ish. Thirty agonizing minutes till Silverchair!!! Waiting, waiting, waiting....BAM!!! Background music from Across the Night Came on! Bursts of light flooded the tiny venue. Daniel glided towards his piano with a cover of smoke "attempting" to hide him. Sitting at the piano and looking fine as ever he started to play After All These Years. I have probably listened to that track a million times off of Diorama and I can't stress just how much better it was in person.

Moving right along, the entire band came out and started with World Upon Your Shoulders, followed by an AMAZING rendition of Emotion Sickness. Without You followed. Daniel was so modest, everyone was screaming his name and he simply said "Thanks" after the end of his songs. Someone threw a letter up on the stage, and I think someone threw panties at Daniel but they hit Ben.

I'm 99.9% positive you've read Monday's report so I'll skip the rest of the song list. All I have to say is that all the songs were INCREDIBLE!!!!

Daniel danced for the audience and did some James Brown impressions which were hilarious. He played the guitar with his teeth, rode it, and at one point he played it with the help of a bottle of water. Well, I have been neglecting Ben and Chris (bad me). Chris looked extremely hot and did an awesome job especially during Israel's Son. Ben looked cute and goody in his big hat and tank top. Awesome tattoo on his right shoulder that I got a good look at. Silverchair came back for an encore to play Asylum and The Lever. I think they played The Lever for about 10 minutes, and Daniel was playfully ranting. DANIEL IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL ROCK STAR!!!!!

The set list was similar to Mondays show. I was too enraptured in the performance to write them all down. SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE! INCREDIBLE sound! SUPERB lighting! Daniel promised the crowd some nakedness but it didn't happen (sorry ladies). I was hoping to see the illusive nipple ring but Daniel decided to keep his clothes on for the evening :(.

These were the best nights of my life. I have never experienced anything to compare. I only hope that Silverchair continues touring so I can have more memories. :) Peace out and as Daniel says "Remember, just keep it real".



We came, we saw, they rocked.

Like many other hardcore ‘chair fans, my friend and I decided to invest our time and hard-earned cash to fly from Seattle to Hollywood for two silverchair shows. It had been almost four years since my last silverchair show. I knew that this could be my last opportunity to see the band live, and missing out on the Across the Night Tour would NOT be an option. Let me tell you, patience is truly a virtue.

I didn’t mind waiting in line in the HEAT for hours before the shows. It seemed as though everyone who was there was a truly dedicated fan. People flocked from all over the country…. New York, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado….there was even a girl with a beautiful tattoo of the Neon Ballroom dancers on her back! There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Everyone was in good spirits, and eager to hear the new material. I had a few moments of déjà vu - flashback to 1996 and Frogstomp. I swear I could have been 15 again, waiting in line and having those intense flutters in my stomach.

For the first night I fought my way to the barrier for a close-up view of the show. (For the second, I sat front and center in the balcony in order to get a full perspective of the show ­ the lighting was incredible!) The moment the lights dimmed and the orchestrals of Across the Night played, the crowed went completely nuts and the temperature increased by about a zillion degrees. Daniel walked out on stage and proceeded with After All These Years. I really dug the tempo changes with slow pauses during the verses and faster during the bridges. When Ben and Chris joined Daniel for World Upon Your Shoulders, I found myself in complete tranquillity. I couldn’t believe that this band was right there in front of me again.

And they were rocking like I have never heard before! Israel’s Son and Anthem were heavier than ever and played with great enthusiasm. You could literally feel everyone’s eyes bulging and mouths grinning. Emotion Sickness, The Door, Steam Will Rise, Ana’s, and Lever (+ jam) were all re-worked brilliantly. The new versions really brought an intensity to the show. When Daniel let out a cat-howl of a scream during the climax of ‘get ups’ of Emotion Sickness, the crowd felt it and immediately proceeded to go apeshit. The funky jams during the Door and Lever absolutely ROCKED and Daniel’s bizarre freestyle ramblings were quite entertaining (as usual). The few I caught (not sure word for word) consisted of Daniel’s day of birth (“In 1979 is when I came out, yeah, 1979 is when I got out, yeah”) his mom, (“My mum told me to clean my room, but I couldn’t get up, but when I got to Los Angeles, I got the fuck up!”), afros and pimp-ness (“I tell my woman, ‘don’t be a bitch’ and she says **proceeds to bitch slap himself! ** DON”T CALL ME A BITCH!”) and “baby baby baby baby, I don’t know what to say” etc. It was especially entertaining after Asylum, where Daniel went into a dark mad-scientist piano mode complete with demonic vocals (“I am calling for Ben and Chris to join me, come Ben, come Chris, I call them, but they don’t want to join me, they say, FUCK YOU DANIEL, we don’t want to join you”). It was pretty funny. Ben and Chris were standing there ready to play the next song, smiling with a look of ‘What the fuck is he doing?’ on their faces. Also, by judging the way Daniel bantered on, I have a suspicious feeling that Mr. James Brown (via Gillies) has rubbed off on him. There were also the tour trademarks of the guitar solo played with teeth, rump shaking, amp humping, and somewhat sarcastic dance moves.

All in all, silverchair basically blew us away. It was good to see the band happy and fit, they were obviously grooving with each other and enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve seen Daniel that comfortable on stage since before Freak Show. I’ll just have to agree with the other road reports that describe the show as indescribable. You really just had to be there!

Set List:

After All These Years
World Upon Your Shoulders
Emotion Sickness
(Paint Pastel Princess - 5/27)
Without You
Luv Your Life
Tuna in the Brine
Across the Night
The Greatest View
Ana's Song
Miss You Love (Steam Will Rise instead on 5/27)
The Door
Anthem for the Year 2000
Israel's Son
The Lever