The Charts - Jumping Frog, Australian Group Silverchair's Album Frogstomp Ranks High on Both Pop and Hard Music Top-10 Sales Lists

(Entertainment Weekly)

Why do you think they call it youth culture? The biggest surprise on the charts these days is the debut of Australian power trio silverchair, whose mean age (two members are 15, one is 16) would land them squarely in learners' permit territory. Clearly, the lads have a license to thrive: Out for less than three months, their already-gold frogstomp album jumps into the top 10 this week for what's likely to be a long stay. The only other new entry into the chart's upper ranks, the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, is successfully peddling industrial music to a target demographic young enough to be silverchair's li'l brothers.

[Editor's Note: When this story was written, frogstomp had entered Entertainment Weekly's top-10 album chart at No. 9, up from No. 12 after 11 weeks of sales.]