Kool Haus - Toronto, Canada


It's been four years that I've been waiting for a Silverchair concert. After them having to cancel for Edgefest last year I was reluctant to believe that the same thing wouldn't happen again (especially after the bad pass Toronto has been getting), but the day came and they came through. I can honestly say, it was well worth the wait. We had about an hour wait before we got inside, it of course was raining, but no complaints.The preformance was incredible and it is without hesitation I will plan on attending every concert to come. The opening band delievered an amazing stage presence (unfortunatly, being located right beside the speaker I didn't catch their name, Red West I think though) and pleased the crowd. They played for about a half hour and did a great job.

  It wasn't long before Chair hit the stage and followed in their album theme and were done up in their diorama rainbows of colour, including Bens drums. They opened with Steam Will Rise and recieved a warm welcome. Daniel started the night off with his perfectly insane antics which any Chair fan already knows and loves, and carried it throughout the entire night ( he even started playing his guitar with his teeth at one point... o_O mmk.... along with some other... "suspitious" looking actions ). Lucky as I was to be standing about twelve feet from Chris, who remained concentrated and into every moment of every song. Ben was all smiles and seemed to be enjoying himself and the company of his bandmates. They seem to have an awesome stage rapore with each other ( hell, even those who were there helping out the band were terrific). During Anthem of the Year 2000 Daniel seemed contented to hear the crowd voiced. His vocals were amazing, his range went from Gwar (frightening in a nice way) to the most angelic high. Many of the songs were prolonged with extended instramental sections. Daniel didn't end up playing any piano while I was there but had to leave a couple minutes early to get home and was still on guitar when I left.

As I write this I look at the time and it's at this time yesterday (10pm) that Silverchair went on stage and made what is one of the best nights of my life and am envious of those attending tonights concert. I find their plethora of music both comforting and inspiring and can always turn to it for each and every mood in which I find myself and am overcome gratitude for those lyrics that seem to make everything better. I remain in anticipation for their return (fingers crossed), if you get an opportunity to see Silverchair live, I suggest you jump at the chance. -I'm sure you all already have an idea of the songs played so I wont confuse you with my recollections =D



Photos by KELLY

2 months ago, I bought a ticket to go see a band called Silverchair. After months of counting down the days, May 23rd came, and my two friends and I made our way to Toronto for the sold out show. After waiting inline for two hours in the teaming rain, we finally got into the Kool Haus. After making quick stops at the merchandise stand, and the bag check, it was time for the show to start

The opening band came on. They were called the Red West, and were not too bad. They’re cover of the Smashing Pumpkins was not the greatest, but I did enjoy one of their songs, called “Crazy Cold”. Once they got off the stage, the crowd began chanting for Silverchair, and after about fifteen minutes of waiting, they came on. The started the show off with an extended version of Steam Will Rise. This got the crowd pumped, but not as much as the next song. A incredibly long version of Emotion Sickness made the crowd go crazy. In this song Daniel showed just how amazing he was on the guitar.

Their were tons of great moments during concert. The Door made the crowd go absolutely nuts, and this is when the crowd surfing really picked up. This version of the door was also an extended version, like most of the songs played. Freak was great because Daniel introduced it using a guitar solo.

The Anthem For The Year 2000 was great, because Danielle let the crowd sing the first entire verse of the song. Daniel also played a game with the fans, seeing who could say “We Are The Youth Louder”, him or the crowd. The crowd won after about six tries. Daniel introduced “Luv Your Life” as a song to relax to. He thanked the security, and then went on to say it was their job to keep us safe. He then went on to say that it was Silverchairs job to keep Silverchair Popular. Immediately they broke into The Greatest View.

Ana’s song was introduced as a song about Disease. The Encore was great, as Daniel and the band came back out, and Daniel told the crowd that this would be the most amazing thing they had ever heard. Silverchair broke out into The Lever, and then Daniel starting singing some bizarre lyrics, and it appeared he was making up the words. Those bizarre lyrics were one of the best parts of the night

The concert was amazing, though their were just a few songs that should have been played. Slave and Black Tangled Heart were both played during their Across The Night Tour, but have been left out of all the North American shows up to this point. Frogstomp songs were also missed, as classics like Tommorow and Pure Masacre would have been great to hear live. Also, Across The Night was not played at all, which to the best of my knowledge is the first time on this tour that it had been left off the set list.

Overall, I’d give Silverchairs show a 11/10, because seeing them live was absolutely incredible! I am praying that they come back to Toronto soon, because I am already pumped about seeing them live again, and hopefully I won’t have to travel to Austrailia to do it. Silverchair, come back soon!



I was left memorized – once again.

Waiting years to see Silverchair in concert after their Toronto Show on November 10th, in 1999 was a long wait but well worth the wait at that.

This concert was amazing. The energy of the crowd, the stage presence and of course the music, made this concert an incredible feast for the eyes and the ears.

My friends and I got to the line up at around 7. We waited with all the other anxious Silverchair fans in the cold rain. The line finally started to move around 8. We got in a little after that. When I walked in I noticed how small it was. (I later found out this was intentional and the band thought it would be more intense this way.) I went and stood in the crowd and I had lost my friends all ready. About 20 minutes before the show started people were getting ready, and a few attempted chants of “SIL-VER-CHAIR!” were heard. Soon after, Red West got on the stage. I thought the lyrics weren’t the best, but they got the job done. After they left, I found my spot squished between 6 guys who for the most part were taller than me. The crowd than started swaying every which way, and I almost fell down a couple of times. After more chants, smoke arose from the stage and the crowd went crazy, swaying and pushing everyone, all in good fun.

They started with Steam Will Rise. It surprised me that they started with this song, but never the less, the crowd was content. The energy was great. Emotion Sickness was a big crowd pleaser. The instrumental in this song wasn’t to be beaten. Hands were in the air, along with a few crowd surfers. Without You had to be my favorite song they did. It was really emotional, and I think the lyrics really came out. I also loved how everyone around me, including myself, sang along to it. It was awesome. World Upon Your Shoulders was really well done, and I loved Daniels voice. It really stood out in this song.

At this point in the concert, Daniel said something along the lines of “You can have a rest for this one” the he proceeded by playing Luv Your Life. The next song was Tuna In The Brine. I think everyone enjoyed this song all around. The Greatest View was awesome! Everyone was moshing, and everyone knew the song and could sing along, it felt really intense. (I think the size of the building had something to do with it).

“This one’s about a disease,” Daniel said before playing a for sure crowd pleaser. Ana’s Song was so emotional I almost cried. An artist that can make that connection with their audience should be put on a pedestal. Miss You Love was beautiful. I think it was great that they played this one.

After this song, I left and found my way to the merchandise stand, where I bought the “Across The Night Tour” T-shirt and programe, (both awesome buys). I met a girl there named Nicole, and we ripped the edge 102.1 banner off of the wall to keep it. We walked in right at the end of The Door. Still sounded awesome.

Then they played Freak. The mosh pit really loved this one! I saw lots of hands, and legs in the air. Awesome Song! Anthem was next. I think everyone enjoyed this, especially when he did the “we are the youth” chant. It was cool to hear us saying it all together.

After this song, Silverchair left the stage, and everyone screamed for more. No one moved from where they were! Chants of “SIL-VER-CHAIR!” were heard from all around, and they came back on. The crowd, for the last number, went nuts.

The Lever was a fucking amazing song! I was beside the stage, right in front of the massive speakers. The bass in the song blew me away. The mosh pit was nuts, and everybody was moving to this one.

After this song, the concert was over, and I met up with my friends, who also thought the concert was “fucking amazing” I was walking out and said by the mosh pit guy who was really nice to me (helped me stand up throughout Without You).

The night was something I’d never forget. I felt emotionally changed, this concert was THE best, and I wouldn’t have traded my ticket for the world.



What can I say about Silverchair that has not been said in the previous "Road Reports"?? Not a whole fucking lot! They were just as amazing as everyone has said!!!! I have to say this was the greatest concert I've ever been to!! And even being from the small town of Paris, Ontario, I have been to my fair share of concerts!! The Red West? Those guys were alright, the singer had an amazing voice and I think in a couple years these guys will really further themselves and become a complete band! they have the talent anyways! Funniest quote from them was when a guy standing beside me yelled out "YOU SUCK!!!", the singer just replied "I'll pretend I didn't hear that..."It was damn funny! The atmosphere in the Kool House was just electric the whole night as chants of Silverchair could be heard all over the place during the break between bands, simply amazing! When the boys finally took center stage, the whole place shook as if God himself was banging on the building....again, simply amazing!! From the moment of the first note of "Steam Will Rise", I knew this night would kick some serious ass!! They did not once disappoint me, except for not playing Slave but i'll let it slip by this time! :) Chris was just simply awesome as was Ben!!! The band as a whole is here to stay and can only get better as time goes on....and its scary to think that since they are only like 23 or 24 and they already have release 4 studio albums!! They have so many more years ahead of them and I'll be a fan all the way!! The set list went as follows if I remember correctly,

Steam Will Rise
Emotion Sickness
Without You
World Upon Your Shoulders
Luv Your Life
Tuna In The Brine
The Greatest View
Ana's Song (Open Fire) (introduced as "a song about disease...yuck!")
Miss You Love
The Door
Freak (had the entire place jumping!!!)
Anthem For The Year 2000

The Lever

Jamming to a funky beat with Daniel freestyling! (BEST LINE OF IT "I Treat my women like I treat my afro, If it doesn't sit well, I cut it!" That had me and everyone around me laughing so hard!!) I do have to say again that THIS WAS THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!! I sang to every song that they played!! I thought it was great how when people heard Ana's Song, they all just rushed the stage! Oh yeah i just wanted to say HELLO to the girl from Buffalo that I wasstanding beside for,well, most of the night anyways!! I was going to say hello SO MANY TIMES but never got the chance to do it!! And to the two girls that I saved from falling from body surfing!! Sorry for just launching you like 9 feet in the air!! I HOPE everyone had as good of a time as i did! If you want to chat on MSN, adam_head@hotmail.com ...I'd love to hear from you! I just got home and I'm still in awe, but I guess that's how the best bands are supposed to leave you feeling...thanks guys!



I've been waiting forever to be able to send in a road report...so here goes nothing! ;

After taking the good old greyhound to toronto, than walking around for a bit me and my friend made our way to the kool haus to see silverchair...for us this was going to be our 1st time seeing the guys live, we meet to girls in line that have seen them like 6 or 7 times..some number like that....lucky girls.....i've been waiting since 1996 when i 1st got into music via "abuse me" which is a song i missed tonight...thats along wait...after standing in line for about 2 hours it started to piss down rain all over the fans...around 7:30 some nice guy came out and handed everyone garbage bags to try and stay dry. Doors opened pretty much on time which was a surprise, got in, picked up a shirt than waited for the show....didn't have "the greatest view" but it was damn good none the less...these guys called the red west came on...not good....but not great....someguy behind us passed out not once...but twice...and the crowd wasn't even moving yet but i think thats because me and the other 2000+ were saving our energy for the chair...and around 10:00 we got what we wanted. The boys came on and bust through steam will rise, emotion sickness and without you, by this time i was already lost in the moment that i had been waiting 8 long...long....long...long years for...they went through tuna in the brine, luv your life, world upon your shoulders...daniel then said happy birthday to some sercurity people and said it was there (sercurity) job to keep us safe and it was our job to keep them (silverchair) popular..then busted out the greatest view...they also played anas song, miss you love, the door...this was amazing...daniel was playing like jimmy using his teeth for solos...it looked as if the boys were truely enjoying themseleves, i've read the reviews but nothing can beat the real thing. they ended with freak and anthem where we played we are the youth tennis against daniel...it was a good game...i say we beat the champ...i might be missing a few of the songs..i was kinda dissapointed about not getting to hear across the night, thats my fave song off diorama, but the show was still amazing none the less was the lever and a jam song...i think it was during the jam where daniel said "I treat my women like i treat my afros, if you don't sit well with me you get cut" that was one of the funniest things ever! Chris and ben were rawking their instruments respecivly. I still don't beleive i just saw what i saw...which is the best live show i've seen...beats NOFX, beats Red Hot Chili Peppers, beats Tool, beats everyone hands down. This was no doubt one of the most amazing nights of my life, I can't wait to see if my pics i took turned out. I hope this is not the last tour because once you see silverchair once...you wanna see them again. In summary this concert kicked major ass, the guys were all smiles and having a blast, this night should have lasted for another 3,4,even 5 hours so they could play every song, from every album, but all good things have to come to an end, kinda like this road report...hopefully I will write another someday..