Bowery Ballroom - New York, USA


Wow, i saw Silverchair for the second time last night with my cousin, truly amazing, even though they played like half the set they were playing earlier.

You Australian fans got a real treat, you're truly blessed or some shit. I flew in all the way from Florida, which is quite the haul. I saw them open for Blink182 (who happened to be in attendance along with the guitarist of Good Charlotte, and also John Norris of MTV but who gives a shit cuz those bands are awful) back in 1999 in Jacksonville. This show completely blew their old tours away, it had structure, and the perfect set to go with it. Daniel actually talked quite a bit and seemed truly happy to be playing live in NY. i dont know about all those rumors of this being their last tour and what not, but this band is truly amazing and should never stop creating the music they play, and should certainly not quit playing live. This was hands down the best concert ive ever been to (i've seen like 50+ shows).Some of his comments included how they like New York and how they like bagels, and coufey (NY accent), cream cheese, riding the subway, and how they like yellow taxis (but not the counting crows song, the original....?). Daniel said "thanks, baby" after every girl told him how hot he was. I also never knew Daniel had pierced nipples and a tatoo (but he does).

SETLIST (almost in order )
x-After all these years
x-World Upon your shoulders
x-emotion sickness(long jam session)
x-Without You
x-Ana's Song
x-Tuna in the Brine
x-Miss You Love
x-Luv Your Life
x-Across the night( introduced as a song about being close to god, daniel said it was about something different every night, last night, it was about being jewish)
x-the greatest view("our new motherfucking favorite")
x-the Door(dainel said this would be the the most funkaliscious moment of our lives")
x-Anthem for the Year 2000
x-the Lever (Long jam session)

No songs from frogstomp (wasnt dissapointing, that shit's old) and hardly any from freak show or the end of neon ballroom (i wanted to see petrol&chlorine, slave, do you feel the same, paint pastel princess, and steam will rise, and one way mule, asylum too, fuck im kind of pissed i cant go to the 2nd show they'll probably play em all there) but im back in Florida and that second show should be finishing up right about now.

I'm sure my pictures were good cuz i was so close (a few feet away, no security gap) but i dont have a scanner, but ill try, someone else will put theirs up.

Oh yeah, THE RED WEST opened, fucking amazing, kind of slow, like mixture of coldplay and sting (not really my cup of tea but really good none the less.) theredwest.com

Please come back, you could have sold out shows anywhere in the US.

Oh one more thing, the girls who cry whenever they see Daniel. i think that makes him uncomfortable, chill out with that Bullshit, thats probably the reason he doesnt like signing peoples stuff, cuz you'll cry and drip snot and tears and shit on him, elgh thats gross.

Later 10/10



The show on Monday at the Bowery was packed, even a few celebritys decided to show up. Tom from Blink 182, some guy from Good Charolotte and John Norriss, the newsreporter guy from MTV were there enjoying the show.

The opening band , RED WEST was pretty cool but Silverchair blew them out of the water. Ben was beating the hell out of his drums with this old fashioned 20's hat on and had a part snarl part grin on his face. Daniel charmed the audience with his jokes especially the ladies who started screaming when he decided to rip of his jacket and shirt bearing two nipple rings.

Daniel was real interactive with the crowd, pointing out to people touching everybodys hands. He talked a lot but it was a bit hard to understand because of his thick accent.

Everybody sang along to all the songs especially when Silverchair played Anthem for the year 2000. That was one of my favorite moments during the show, as Daniel held the microphone to the crowd and let us sing the lyrics. The reaction was pure anarchy, people were crowd surfing and waving their fists at the air.

Their was alot of humping and grinding on Daniels part and even the microphone got a blowjob. He threw guitar pics at the crowd and smashed his guitar a little against bens drumset while putting the broken pieces in his mouth. The whole band was smiling and so were we. It was general admission so everybody was squezzed up against each other and some girl passed out from not getting any air. Everyone wanted the perfect spot so there was a lot of arguing and pushing.

They played Freak which was awesome and a climatic version of The Door and Emotion Sickness. Silverchair came back on stage for an encore and played two more songs for us. I had a great veiw cus I was up against the stage even though I got blinded from all the stage lights and camera flashes. It was an awesome show and I wish Silverchair will play again in New York. They put on a great performance and I hope I get the chance to see them play again.



It all started with After All These Years - a perfect song choice for Daniel since it has been 5 years since the guys played in New York - and the fans eagerly let them know how much they were missed. Shouts of "Daniel you're the man", "we love you" and "welcome back" rang through the small ballroom which allowed the most devoted Silverchair fans in New York to finally get a chance to see their favorite band once again.

I'm not even going to try to remember the set list order but highlights of all 4 of the band's main releases were played including Emotion Sickness, Tuna in the Brine, World Upon Your Shoulders, Without You, Anthem For The Year 2000 (which became a sing along) Miss You Love, Ana's Song, The Door, The Lever, Luv Your Life, Freak, and of course Across The Night.

One of the most memorable moments of the show was right before Greatest View when Daniel yelled out "This is going to be your new favorite fucking song" - and they way they played it - it quickly swept the crowd with an uproar of emotion.

During the instrumental sections of the set, Ben went insane on the drums (gotta love the hat he was wearing!) and Chris played the bass jammin' harder than I've ever heard him play before. You could tell that the guys were enjoying the show just as much as the fans were. Daniel mocked New Yorkers (which hey, it's easy to do) and continued to say that he needed love - which there was plenty of if he would have just stepped into the crowd!! He said, "I need love baby, and I don't just mean sex, no, I just need a hug".

It was amazing - the keyboarder was incredible, and the backup vocals were smooth - a great combination that blended with the original sounds of Silverchair. Who needs a full orchestra when you have amazing keyboarders?!

During Across The Night, while Ben and Chris were doin' their thing, Daniel put down his guitar and began to act out the song- which was hillarious. Daniel stipped his top to the liking of the majority of fans and began to shake his ass and play his guitar with his teeth. One fan yelled out "you look goooood!" which everyone agreed, including Daniel who responded with a "thanks baby this one's for you!"

I've never seen so many people singing every word, to every song at a show- Daniel, Ben, Chris - know that last night you filled that room, which at first seemed so small, with a love so big - a love for your music, for performing, and of course for your fans. If people weren't fans before and they were at the show last night, Silverchair has successfully converted them. It was an amazing night for one and all and we can't wait to have you come back again for our "bagels, coffee, cream cheese and REAL big yellow taxis (not the Counting Crowes kind!)"



May 19th may have been the greatest night of my life, Me and my friend Jim had so much fun. Were from Connecticut, and we drove to New York to see the concert. It was so awesome and incredible. We got to New York City around 10am and we found the Bowery Ballroom. There were already kids in line at that time. So we decided we would push our ways to the front and not even bother waiting in line.

We came back around 7 when they were opening the doors. And we waited in the Bowery Ballroom lounge for about 2 hours, and it was crowded as hell. It was filled beyond capacity and it was hot as hell. So finally around 9pm they let us up to the stage. This crappy band came on, I cant even remember the name of the band. They played for about half and hour, and then the Silverchair crew set their stuff up.

By this time there was many people there anticipating for Silverchair to come on. So I decided to push everyone else out of my way and head to the front. Jim and I payed $154 for out tickets and I will be damned if I have some dumb as poser girl that looks like Kelly Osbourne stand in my way. So we made in front just in time.

5 minutes later Daniel comes out by himself in a suit. He had shorter hair like from his neon ballroom days, but he had a beard. He started playing "After All these Years". It was awesome. After that, Ben and Chris came out follewd by the keyboard players. The concert all together was awesome, I give it on a scale of 1 to 10... I give it a 10! Honestly, I have been waiting for years to see them live, and they did not let me down, they are in my eyes the best live band. No one else can compete. But what stood out the most for me, was when daniel said " Alright here is your number one, new motherfucking favorite song" And he broke out with "the Greatest View". "The Door" was also a fun moment when he got the crowd going and there was some awesome crowd surfing going on. But the sone I remember most would have to be "the Lever". It was their encore song, and they did it so well. I will be anticipating their return to america some time soon hopefully.

After All These Years
Emotion Sickness
Without You
World Upon Your Shoulders
Luv Your Life
Tuna In The Brine
Across The Night
The Greatest View
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Miss You Love
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000

The Lever