Silverchair Singer Beaned by Bottle

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Daniel Johns after being hit by a beer bottle in Santa Monica, Sept. 17, 1995 [Photo courtesy MTV]Those underage Australian grunge-rockers silverchair played a free concert in front of a few thousand adoring fans September 17th on Santa Monica Pier, but unfortunately one of the crowd wasn't all that worshipful, because he lobbed a full bottle of beer at singer/guitarist Daniel Johns during Israel's Son, the band's encore.

[Photo courtesy MTV

 To his credit, the 16-year-old musician finished the song, but was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received six stitches above his left eyebrow. This was the last stop on the band's five-week American tour. They left the U.S. the next day to return to their home in Newcastle, Australia, where all three of the members will return to school and a round of exams.


[Photo courtesy of Wes Adams]


 Silverchair's Daniel Johns on stage at the Santa Monica Pier
[Photo courtesy of Wes Adams, seen at left]

[Photo courtesy of Wes Adams] 

Silverchair and manager John Watson enjoying themselves at California's Magic Mountain,
September 1995 [Photo courtesy of  Wes Adams ]