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Ask the average 19-year-old what they'd do with two of their mates on an away-day to London and they'd reply: "Mooch in Camden Market, buy an unflattering pointy hat, and pool our resources for a snakebite supper."

But Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou are not your average 19-year-olds. A day in the life of silverchair is a frantic round of radio interviews, shopping sprees and TV appearances before a Eurostar ride to Paris.

Their day begins at the sumptuous Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, where the bleary-eyed trio stumble into their luxury Toyota cruiser to head for XFM's radio studios in Leicester Square. Events take a turn for the Laurel and Hardy when their cases prove too large for the vehicle's luggage compartment. Confusion reigns.

Singer Daniel Johns, a man blessed with a very dry humour, grins. "You wanted an average day in the life of silverchair -- it looks like you've got it."

After recording an interview with XFM DJ Ian Camfield for his brand new rock show, the band patiently shake every hand thrust in their direction. "We don't do much radio promo," says Daniel, "but it's a cycle we're hoping to break." It's the weary sarcasm of a man who has been asked his favourite colour on more occasions than he cares to recall.

Next stop is Club Blueroom -- not purveyors of hand-shandies to the gentry, but an Aladdin's cave of skate and snowboard haute couture. Daniel, Chris and Ben embark on a frenzied spree, and stumble out £400 lighter to head back to Sony Records' HQ for more interviews and flesh-pressing.

Settling down in the boardroom, it becomes clear that the band's likeness is not amongst the multitude of artist photos adorning the walls. "Where are the fucking 'chair?" growls Ben. "We should burn this place down!"

Herded into the canteen at 3 p.m., the band are then wired for sound and placed in front of the stark lights and whirring cameras of MTV, here to soak up yet more of their well-chosen words of wisdom. Daniel handles the majority of the questions as his bandmates smirk in all the appropriate places.

"Sure, we're a wild band," reveals Daniel. "We watched a porn film the other night, all the way to the end."

It's been a long day, but it's not over yet. In a little over an hour the band are off to Paris where they'll do it all again tomorrow. Only this time, in French.

silverchair release their new single Anthem For The Year 2000 on March 1.


No day in the life of a thrusting young rock star would be complete without a frantic bout of shopping. So what did the young gentlemen of silverchair shell out for in Club Blueroom, the home of skate and snowboard clobber?

Daniel Johns

Club Blueroom navy jacket: "I'll wear this when I jog. I jog 27 miles every morning, and at night I do about 30 after tea."
Navy Urban Kombat Micro Fibre trousers: "This is clothing for the city athlete, which is after all what I am."
Brown Big Bill work trousers: "These are more your casual pant -- Just plain. There's absolutely nothing fashionable about them."

Chris Joannou

Navy Quicksilver shirt: "I didn't notice the shape of the leaves in the pattern -- they look suspiciously like marijuana but I'm hoping that they're some kind of South American fern..."
Khaki Cahartt trousers: "In the pant area, original equipment for the American worker. Light trousers for summer wear, just slip on a black shirt. Stunning."
Navy Cahartt frousers: "You can feel by the texture of the fabric that it's a tight weave. You can't go wrong."
Blue Airwalk Rip Wallet: "They never make enough room for your money to go right across. What's the good of that, eh? And there's no room for your change."

Ben Gillies

Navy Patterned Quicksilver shirt: "A button-up shirt for going out on dates with the gal, or on a boys' night out in town."
Khaki Vulcom trousers: "Your regular beige pant. The multi-coloured pocket lining is more snazzy then anything else on the entire garment. I may have to wear them inside out."

silverchair were frantically shopping for skate clothes at Club Blueroom, Fouberts Place, (off Carnaby Street), London, W1.