"Do You Feel The Same?" (Columbia) - Taken from the album "Neon Ballroom"

(Metal Hammer)

Besides the mighty AC/DC, the number of Australian rock bands that have made it on a global scale could be counted on the digits of a two-toed sloth. That's had a leg amputated. It would appear that throwing shrimps on the barbie and acting in godawful daytime soap operas are seen as more productive uses for spare time than learning to play guitar in the southern hemisphere. However, for school-mates Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies, the lure of rock 'n' roll stardom proved strong enough to stave off a life of drinking Fosters. Atter forming a band called the Innocent Criminals in 1992, they changed their name to silverchair and proceeded to conquer the world with their grungey debut album frogstomp before they had even finished going through puberty. Despite garnering critical acclaim, 1997's Freak Show LP failed to live up the debut album's insane commercial success. But with the imminent release of third album Neon Ballroom, the boys are odds on to hit the jackpot again. Play Do You Feel The Same? and see if you do.