"Neon Ballroom" Review

By Shaun Carney (Green Guide)

The first sounds of silverchair's new album ome from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and pianist David Helfgott, crashing through the dramatic opening to Emotion Sickness. It is a bold statement by a trio anxious to shake off not just its wunderkind status, but the audience expectation that it will continue to churn out neo-grunge guitar anthems. Neon Ballroom is certainly a wild departure from the band's past output. It is also, more than anything, an expression of Daniel Johns' emerging artistic vision. Johns wrote the whole thing and the richer, more diverse musical approach is a sign of his rapidly maturing sensibilities. Interestingly, while there's much greater emphasis on melodies and strings on songs such as Miss You Love and Paint Pastel Princess, the rock songs, such as the manic Satin Sheets and the metal outing Spawn Again, are tougher than silverchair have ever sounded.

[Thanks to Mad for the transcript.]