Silverchair Review - "Miss You Love"

(Kerrang Magazine)

KKKKK (The top score you can get Classic)

More of their trademarked overblown whiny stuff from the boys from Oz. But that doesn't stop the Chamber from loving it to death. Almost literally, as it happens.

Dez: Give it a five. I like them cos they don't sound like Pearl Jam anymore, they sound like themselves.
Mike: This album is way better than the last one, and he gets all the chicks Down Under.
Dez: When we go down there we're gonna put a shrimp on the barbie for them.
Mike: I'd f**k him. I'd go down under! But he needs to eat more, cos if I f**k him I'll break him.
Dez: Yeah, Mike's dick is as big as this table, dude.

[Thanks to Heidi for the transcript.]