Silverchair: Houseband Profile

(Recovery Magazine)

Q. How do you feel being house band on Recovery has helped your band's progress?

A. I don't know. We didn't really do it to make "progress,", we did it because we wanted to find out what the Enforcer looked like without his mask. Plus, we got to jam with Dylan which was fun.

Q. Is it true that you all met at your local bowling green and subsequently formed a John Denver cover band only a month before you were on Recovery?

A. Well, it that's what it says in the newspaper, then it must be true.

Q. What did you spend your payment for being a houseband on?

A. Vitamin B and some pies.

Q. Have you done any shows since that have been as big as the Recovery gig?

A. No - how can you top a gig like that?

Q. Were you excited to get such national exposure?

A. At that time of the morning it's pretty hard to get excited about anything except going back to bed, but it was still fun to do. I watch the show pretty often so it was a bit weird to be on it and actually seeing all the sets and stuff that you're used to seeing on your TV.

Q. Did your mum watch?

A. Did yours?

Q. Have many people been recognising you in the street since you were on Recovery?

A. These questions really aren't getting any better.

Q. What is the price of fame?

A. Vitamin B and some pies.

Q. What do you think would have been the ultimate Recovery house band say, 20 years ago?

A. Well, the ultimate band for anything is Led Zeppelin, so I guess I'd have to pick them. John Bonham is God.

Q. What are you guys up to now?

A. We're recording a new album. It's coming together OK - hopefully it will be out early next year.

Q. Do you still play bowls?

A. I don't know - I'll have to double check what it says in the newspaper.

Where Are They Now?!

After appearing on Recovery, silverchair went on to sell a couple of million copies of the album Freakshow and toured the world in 1997. The band is currently in the studio working on a new album - their third - which will be released around February next year. John O'Donnell at silverchair's label, murmur records, reckons it's "their best record, for sure. Totally!" but he would say that. Apparently, some of the tracks are in the vein of "Untitled," their song on the Godzilla soundtrack, and there's plenty of hard-rockin' tunes as well. The guys aren't doing any shows till they go on tour for the album next year.

[Thanks to Anthony Calvert.]