The Last Word, The Ultimate Questions on Life, Sex and Spewing, This Week Silverchair Boy Daniel Johns Comes Clean

By Paul Elliot (Kerrang)

Photo by Ross HalfinIf you had a last meal, what would it be?
"My own vegetable soup. Or pasta. I make a mean veggie soup. It's the best. I just chuck everything in -- every veggie, every spice. It's beautiful. I've been a veggie for about a year. I was kind of going off meat anyway, but a year ago I decided I wasn't eating it any more. I saw too many bad things on telly. As long as there's fruit on the tour rider, I'm happy. I can eat fruit all day."

Last time you cried?
"When I was about 14 years old. I dropped a bandsaw on my foot. It went straight through it."

Last time you felt proud to be Australian?
"I feel proud to be Australian every day. I love Australia. It's my favorite country."

Last good party you went to?
"I don't really go to any parties. I didn't even really go to our album launch party in Sydney! I just went in, met a few people and went home. I haven't been to a good party in a while."

Last time you broke the law?
"On Santa Monica beach I was driving a four-wheel drive without a license or registration, or a beach permit. I was with Dave Navarro from the Chilli Peppers. The police put me in the back of a squad car and took me to the station. I'm never going to do that again."

Last time you puked?
"Last year at a party. It wasn't a good party, but I still puked for about an hour. I went to the party saying that I wasn't going to drink, and I ended up drinking a lot in about 10 minutes. I was having a bit of a competition with a mate. I think I had a bottle and a half of champagne in 10 minutes, and my stomach didn't agree with it. Yeah, champagne goes down very easy. You don't even realise it, and then all of a sudden -- bleurgh! I couldn't even remember doing it. I just woke up and tasted spew and Gillies said 'Yeah, you were spewing for about an hour.'"

Last person on earth you'd want to sleep with?
"Ben Gillies -- ha ha ha. Actually, I have slept in the same bed as him, but I haven't had any sexual intercourse with him. I'm not very interested. He's not my type. Just sleeping in the same bed as him is bad enough. He snores very loud. He's an animal."

Last time you got caught doing something naughty?
"I don't commit any major crimes. I am a good boy."

Last time somebody had a go at you because you're famous?
"Oh, fuck, every day. Just because we're in a band. It happens at home a lot. Every time I go for a walk someone says something. F**k you."

Last time you did some schoolwork?
"About three months ago. During the holidays I sleep till noon. I'm very much the indoors-y type guy. Ben and Chris like to surf, but I don't really go to the beach any more. I don't even have a tan, which is not very Australian, but the other day I was walking my dog and my arms got a bit red and I thought 'Yeah -- a bit of color!' And I don't eat seafood -- I just don't live up to the Australian stereotype at all. I failed!"

Last time you made a complete ass of yourself?
"Oh, that's every day! Just a few minutes ago during a photo shoot in front of a load of people."

Last time you broke something?
"F**k, you're asking me all these questions that happen every day! I always drop something or break something. Yesterday I broke a cup. I'm really good around the house!"

Last time you wished you were someone else?
"It happens on and off. When we're just about to play, I'm happy to be me. But when we're sitting by the phone all day doing interviews, I wish I was someone else."

How long can you last?
"I'll die when I'm about 72. 72 and eight months. I reckon. That's a good age. Unless I'm assassinated, or I fall over in front of a truck or something. That could happen any time. But not the assassinated bit -- I hope that would be a while."

[Thanks to Haylee for her help.]