Ben On A Desert Island

(Juice Magazine)

Actually, Ben isn't on a desert island, but if he were, the following are the songs he would include on his only cassette tape, according to the November issue of Juice magazine:


Kashmir -- Led Zeppelin
Message in a Bottle ---The Police
When the Levee Breaks -- Led Zeppelin
Minor Threat -- Minor Threat
Sober -- Tool
Vogue -- Madonna (Ben, you're joking, right?)
In the Meantime -- Helmet
Blind -- Korn
Paranoid -- Black Sabbath
Sabotage -- Beastie Boys


Low Self Opinion -- Rollins Band
Firestarter -- Prodigy
Third Eye -- Tool
Roots -- Sepultura
Mysterious Ways -- U2
Thunderstruck -- AC/DC
T.N.T. -- AC/DC
Hey Joe -- Jimi Hendrix
Reckless -- Australian Crawl
Army of Prawns -- Army of Prawns