Transcript, Interview with Ben Gillies and Daniel Johns


KENNEDY: We are so anxious! The Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to hit the stage any minute now, welcome back, this is "Online Onstage," a live interactive concert, the first of its kind, Madison Square Garden is our location in fabulous New York City and now here's two out of three members of the band that mesmerized a packed house, 20,000 people here, how do you feel?

BG: Well, it was pretty fun.

KENNEDY: Nice crowd?

BG: Yeah, they were good.

KENNEDY: Now, Daniel, how does it feel to play to a crowd this big?

DJ: Um, it's all right, I guess.

KENNEDY: This is the third date of the tour so far, it's goin' good?

DJ: Yeah, it's goin' all right.

KENNEDY: Is America everything you dreamed?

DJ: Yeah, I suppose so.

KENNEDY: Nerve wracking at all, are you nervous?

DJ: No, not really.

KENNEDY: Now, were you excited the first time you met the Chili Peppers?

BG: Yeah, they were pretty cool. We met Flea first.

KENNEDY: Was he nice?

BG: Yeah, he was pretty cool.

KENNEDY: Did he give you any advice?

BG: No, we just talked for a while.

KENNEDY: That's beautiful.

BG: I know, it was touching.

KENNEDY: I can see that, here, let me wipe that tear from your eye. What about the Rentals? Have you spoken with them at all?

BG: No, we haven't, actually.

KENNEDY: Really? We should all go after the show and have a nice party with all the opening bands.

BG: Yeah, all right.

KENNEDY: I'll have somebody throw that together, maybe a catering tray with some cheesecake, maybe some nice carrots... Have you been online? Are you a real computer buff Daniel?

DJ: I don't know... (pause) ...what it means.

KENNEDY: Do you own a personal computer?

DJ: I don't kn.... um, yeah, kinda.

KENNEDY: Have you been on the Internet? The World Wide Web? Is there a silverchair web site?

DJ: No, I don't think so.

KENNEDY: Aw, you should really think about that, you're this big international band, you've got all these fans across the world that would probably love to see what you guys are doing on a regular basis and uh, these web sites, these home pages are the perfect way to do that. It's like giving people a greeting card each and every day.

DJ: Oh, OK, we'll do it.

KENNEDY: Fantastic!

[Thanks to Mae (harpring@venus.net) for the transcript.]