Interview with Chris Joannou

(Hitkrant Magazine)

Hey Chris, how’s it going?

Mmm... fine.

What kind of things have you done recently?

Not very much. We have hang around the beach and stuff.

Haven’t been working anymore?

Well, we worked on some new songs. Actually it goes suprisingly well.

How far are you with the second album?

We’ve finished a couple of songs. Not that they are already recorded or something, we only have the rough version of that few new songs.

And how does it sound?


Does it look like the things we know from silverchair?

No, it’s a bit different. Some things sound more poppy. And other things are a lot heavier. A bit of everything.

When is the album released?

I don’t know exactly. Probably the end of the year. We haven’t started recording yet.

Do you write the songs together?

Yeah. Well, Daniel writes most. I don’t write lyrics.

Did you expect to become so successful?

No, not really.

Why not?

Well, we mainly played in the garage, and actually we were just mucking around. We were all very suprised that we would get so quick and so many success. But we were happy with it though.

How do you like the success?

I like it. We travel around a lot, we come to places where we would never have come otherwise.

Do you like the travelling?

Sometimes I do, but when you’re away from home for a very long time it gets boring. It’s pretty fun to hang around a bit in hotels.

Do the parents still come with you on tour?

Yeah, there’s always a parent with us on tour.

How do you like that?

I don’t really care. I like it sometimes.

Are you recognized a lot when you’re on the street?

No, not really. I live in a quiet little town.

Have you quit school?

No, we all go to school.

Isn’t it hard to combine school with the band?


How do you find the time for it?

I hate school, but we have to make time for it. Performing is more fun, but we have to finish school first.

How many years to go?

A year, that’s why I want to finish it.

How do your friends react on silverchair?

We never talk about silverchair at school. School and silverchair are two separate things.

And your family?

I’ve got two sisters and they think it’s funny that we’re so successful.

Did you use to dream about being a musician?

No, not really. It was not a dream coming true, it was more like an enormous shock.

What did you want to be when you were young?

I didn’t really have an idea what I was going to be. It was more about having a lot of fun, I never really thought about a job.

What the first record you ever bought?

That must’ve been something like AC/DC.

And the first concert you saw?

Probably the band the Screaming Jets. We were their opening act. That was pretty fun.

And the last one?

Here in Australia we’ve got the Big Day Out Festival. That was last week.

Did you play?

No, we played there last year. Rage Against The Machine played there now and I enjoyed that very much.

To what kind of music do you listen yourself?

Oh, ah bit of everything.

Like what?

A few unknown bands from New York. Some hardcore. And things like Korn, Tool and Helmet.

What do you like more: perform live or in the studio?

I like them both. You learn a lot when you’re in the studio, but you can learn somehing from playing live too. The technical side of the music is better to be made up in the studio.

Do you like playing in club more or on festivals?

Small clubs are better. It’s pretty nice to hang around a little and then just get on the stage to play. Festivals are nice too, but I am rather not on the main stage. Then you have no contact at all with the crowd.

Do the fans have a chance to meet you at a concert?

No, most of the time we stay around backstage. We’re not really good at it to just go into the ward and start conversations with fans. We rather stay behind the stage.

Are you nervous when you have to get on the stage?

Well no. I am pretty used to it now. When we played for the first time I was, but not anymore now.

And for radio and TV interviews?

No, you get used to it. I don’t like TV, radio can be fun sometimes.

What was it like to hear yourself on the radio for the first time?

When I heard silverchair on the radio for the first time, I turned the radio off. I wasn’t in the mood to go listening to myself.

What are your plans for the future?

To stay successful.

What’s the best part of being in a band?

That you do something you like.

And what’s the dumbest part?

Interviews, haha.

Jeez... you’re kidding.

[Thanks to Charlotte for the transcript.]