Interview with Daniel Johns and Ben Gillies

(Triple J)

Triple J's Michael Tunn: Tunn: Uh, Daniel, you've been in the studio fixing the mix on the new album. How does it sound?

Daniel: Um, it sounds good! Yeah it took... it's pretty good to be like finished recording and just getting into the end of stuff.

Tunn: You were doing a few vocals in New York as well...

Daniel: Yeah just had ta... um...

Tunn: Clean up a few things?

Daniel: Yeah, finish some stuff off.

Tunn: Now, have you got a name yet for the album?

Daniel: No, not yet.

Tunn: No truth that's it's gonna be something around llamas?

Daniel: No, it's probably not gonna have any animals at all.

Ben: Yeah, we're staying clear of llamas. It was a big mistake putting it in the last album. All the interviews we were like being asked about it. And um, yeah.

Tunn: And was it a gag at the time or did you really feel something for llamas?

Daniel: No it's just...

Ben: (cuts in) It's just like -- you know, a big load... of crap basically.

Tunn: Ha! Now you guys have been really busy come to think of it -- you've, ah, been recording the album in Sydney, then you're mixing in New York, then you're straight into a tour. You're back in Townsville tomorrow night?

Dan & Ben:(together) Yep.

Tunn: Um, is this just a warm up tour?

Ben: Uh, not really, it's just like we haven't played there like before so we thought it would be a good idea to play there before the next album's out.

Tunn: Does that mean Townsville are gonna get a chance to hear these new songs first?

Daniel: Um...

Ben: (cuts in) Um, yeah, we'll probably play some of the new stuff.

Tunn: Which ones can they expect to hear?

Ben: Um, there's, um, Slave, probably Freak and maybe Pop Song -- they're the probably three ones that we'll play.

Tunn: Are you gonna do the Surfin' Bird?

Ben: Nah, no, I don't think so.

Tunn: Too hard to get that vocal, huh?

Daniel: Nah, it's just, um, we forget it. It's too hard. It's a really complicated song.

Ben: Yeeaah, haha!

Tunn: And you're doing it at double the speed of the original version, I notice too.

Daniel: Yeah, haha.

Tunn: And they were having troubles then!

Ben: We wanted to have the um, the Ministry feel to it. You know, the Jesus Built My Hot-Rod feel?

Tunn: I think you got that.

Ben: Yeah that's wha... yeah, that's what we're goin' for.

Tunn: It was a great pick and who decided to go with Surfin' Bird and where did you hear it originally?

Ben: It was um, my old man, actually. He's an old surfie and he's you know -- he's into the -- he used to be into that "surf music" and um, he was just buggin' us going, 'Aw, you should play this song -- you should play this song!' So in the end we said yeah, we like the song.

Tunn: You gave in? (laughing)

Ben: Yeah.

Tunn: Um, that album's a great idea. You reckon it's gonna be a big album -- the MOM CD?

Daniel: It's good 'cause there's a lotta -- there are a lotta big bands and there's also a lot of smaller bands so people could buy it for the big bands and get to hear like the smaller bands and stuff like that. It's also good for like, the ocean.

Ben: Yeah, it's a good cause.

Tunn: And we're presenting too your tour with Everclear so you get to clean up too with the boys from Everclear.

Ben: Yeah, that'll be fun.

Tunn: You guys are... you're really building a relationship up there!

Daniel: Yeah, ah ha ha!

Tunn: Last time you spoke to us here at Triple J there was something about a blow-up doll and so forth.

Ben: That was actually on stage.

Tunn: That was on stage?

Ben: Yeah, Everclear came on and we did an encore of... and we played Paranoid and um, the guys from Everclear sang it and when they came on they brought this like blow-up doll and it had a banana in one of its three, uh, love entrances.

Tunn: Yes, right.

Daniel: Ha ha ha!

Tunn: Ha ha!

Ben: Ha ha!

ALL: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Tunn: You weren't embarrassed in the slightest?

Ben: Oh no, we just laughed!

Daniel: We were just laughin' 'cause there was all these people on stage and we're just... ah, it's pretty funny.

Tunn: You looking forward to Livid?

Ben: Yeah that'll be heaps fun.

Tunn: Have you ever seen Regurgitator play live yet?

Ben: Yeah, we seen 'em like, uh, a couple of times I think. We saw them at like, um, the Chili Peppers at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Tunn: You were there, were ya?

Ben: Yep. We were...

Tunn: (cuts in) Where were you hiding?

Ben: Aw, we're just like side of stage.

Tunn: All right, OK, I thought, didja go out into the crowd -- it woulda been a bit much...

Ben: Oh.

Daniel: Ah, ha ha!

Tunn: Sunglasses, moustaches...

Ben: Yeah, oh, well not really.

Tunn: And uh, what date can we expect the new album?

Daniel: Um, it's for sure next year.

Ben: And that's like for sure...

Tunn: For sure next year but you can't give us a date?

Ben: Oh, no, no. It's for sure in February.

Daniel: (in the background, same time as Ben) February.... yep.

Tunn: In February?

Daniel: Yep.

Ben: Yep, for sure.

Tunn: Well why... 'cause you were talking about releasing it August or September this year. What happened?

Daniel: Um... we fucked up!

Tunn: Oh, OK.

Daniel: Ah, ha ha!

Tunn: You're honest! (Daniel still laughing)

Ben: Are we allowed to say that? Aw, well, it was an accident anyway. It was basically 'cause of the last album, cause we, cause the Tomorrow thing came out we had to like capitalize on it and this album we got more time to like play with so we're gonna like set up everything a lot better like have all the clips ready like and do all the photo shoots and like all the promo crap before.

Tunn: OK.

Ben: So you know it does help us out.

Daniel: (in the background) So we don't have to do anything.

Tunn: And also you get to tour the album before you release it too...

Ben: Yeah.

Tunn: I tell you what I like, the version of Blind, the re-recorded version on the soundtrack of The Cable Guy. When did you do that? Was that on the frogstomp sessions?

Ben: No...

Daniel: (cuts in) No... that was before we went to um, Japan, the day we went. And we did it with Nick who just did the new album with us.

Tunn: It's a great version and we'll play that now... looking forward to seeing you on the tour!

Daniel: OK!

Ben: Yep.

Tunn: And maybe a sneak preview of the album sometime if we can get you in live?

Daniel: Cool!