Wellington, New Zealand (Summer Jam)

By ~"(KERRiN)"~

Well Wednesday 3rd Of April was a big day for all us Wellingtonians, Silverchair at The Edge Summer Jams. Well what can I say? Personally i feel the whole crowd was there only for Silverchair, Well i certainly was. Well umm setlist I can't really think of them all in order, but they played lots of their new ones, Without You, The Lever, World Upon Your Shoulders, My Favourite Thing and One Way Mule as their encore. The Greatest View was also played and that was a real crowd pleaser (specially coz that was practically the theme song for the whole Summer Jams ad!)

They opened with Emotion Sickness, that really went off!! They played the normal Ana's Song, Miss You Love, Freak etc... no Spawn or Satin Sheets again to my disappointment. But overall it was a great Performance. Sound and playing was great although i heard Daniels Singing wasn't very loud at the front. Well from where i was it rocked!! The whole perfomance was already running late when Silverchair came on and the whole show ended up running nearly a whole hour late, but most of us didnt mind (obviously who would??) Great Show Silverchair! Please come back to Wellington more often so I don't have to catch a bus up to Auckland again!!