Perth, Australia (Big Day Out)

By Rebecca

Wow, what can I say? The boys are back and they're better than ever. Silverchair have always been a great band live, but tonight they blew me away. It seems they've improved, and I didnt think that was possible!

The 'chair came on around 6.45, after Garbage.The set looked awesome even from where I was (which was a loooong way away, but I heard them fine). The rainbow coloured amps were different and the circle lights looked great as well.

Silverchair opened with "Emotion Sickness", and it was the best version I've heard them play. Next they played the long-awaited "Without You" and judging it on the first listen, it's a great song. Paint Pastell Princess finished the opening of mellower songs, then they played a rockin' "Israel's Son" then their newie, "One Way Mule". "One Way Mule" certainly seemed to have a big impact on the crowd, it was great. Between the two songs, Daniel thanked Germany... then told us he meant Perth, and that he was joking!

After "One Way Mule", the two keyboardists were introduced. Daniel seemed to think the pair were beautiful together, "like a married" couple, and that they discuss keyboards together.

"Miss You Love" was next, a beautiful version that got the crowd singing along, then an equally great "Ana's Song". The band played a new song after this, I think it's called "The World Upon Your Shoulders". It is amazing, I can't wait to hear it on Diorama. Silverchair played "The Greatest View" next and everyone knew it.

Older rock songs were next, "Slave", "The Door", "Anthem" and finally, "Freak". They were all very good but "Freak" was the highlight. Silverchair have improved these songs even though I thought there was nothing to improve, they just rock that little bit more now. I'm sure Perth can't wait till the 'chair return, I know I can't!