Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide, Australia


On the 26th October, silverchair visited Adelaide and played a gig at the Thebarton Theatre. Some people waited outside the doors from 5 a.m. to be in front and at least two girls came over from Western Australia for the concert. The doors were scheduled to be opened at 7 p.m., but didn't open until 7:30 p.m. By that time the crowd were a little bit pissed off. As soon as the doors opened people ran to the front to get their places. The Thebarton Theatre was totally packed, and one of the security guards told me after the concert that tonight was the hottest it's ever been in the Thebby theatre.

There were two bands before silverchair -- the Adelaide band Numbskulls and Perth's Ammonia, who are signed to silverchair's label Murmur. By the time silverchair hit the stage, the crowd was really hyped up.

The concert started of with a really weird sort of mystical chanting, which is really hard to explain! Then they emerged, Daniel, Chris and Ben. The crowd went totally ballistic as the band came out under the red zig-zagged lights.

As usual they started with Madman, which sent the crowd into an even bigger hyped up frenzy. Everybody was moshing and crowd surfers were everywhere, too many to try and keep count of. They then launched into Leave Me Out, but the power suddenly died out on Chris's amp.

Daniel then took control. He talked to the crowd for a while, then with the assistance of us sang happy birthday to Ben, as it was his birthday two days before. Once that was done Daniel launched into a solo version of Suicidal Dream, which sounded very different but was very good. He also apologised for the inconvenience that had been caused.

The power then returned, finally and silverchair threw in two new songs, which were pretty god damn choice and very different to their songs on the album. Then some more songs from their debut album frogstomp.

Finally Tomorrow was played. I don't think it was even worth Daniel singing as you couldn't hear him over the top of the crowd, which were screaming the words at the top of their lungs.

Next was Pure Massacre, and the crowd was still going crazy. Moshing and crowd surfing! They then left the stage, but soon to return and play Israel's Son. That started the crowd in another ballistic moshing frenzy. As Israel's Son ended the 'chair put down their instruments, threw down the mikes, trashed the stage, Ben trashed his drums, etc., then it was all over, all so soon!